Working programme 
Working Groups 
Working Groups of theThematic Network (TN) 

Originally the TN was organised in four working groups. In 1998 working group three and working group four merged. 

Working groups members and meetings

Working group 1: Conceptual, historical and institutional dimensions of full employment:


Wolfgang Blaas, TU Vienna 
Miren Etxezarreta, UAB, Barcelona (Coordinator) 
Egon Matzner, Universität Erfurt 
Jannis Milios, TU Athens 
Pascal Petit CEPREMAP, Paris 

Meetings, conferences, workshops 

September 16-18, 1999, Barcelona, The Concept of full employment 
October 1-2, 1998, Vienna: Labour market issues 
June 11-14, 1998, Athens: Papers and discussions on "the end of labour" 
December 15, 1997, Paris: Organisation of work 

Working group 2: Macro-economic requirements for full employment


Elmar Altvater, FUB, Berlin 
Gøsta Dahlstrøm, Nacka 
Jörg Huffschmid, University of Bremen (coordinator) 
John Grahl, University of North London 
Jacques Mazier, University of Paris 13 
Paolo Pini, University of Bologna 

Meetings, conferences, workshops

May 13 - 14, 1999, Paris: Europe, Institutions and Economic Policy 
October 1-2, 1998, Vienna: Monetary and fiscal policy in the EU 
May 14, 1998, Bremen: Discussions of macroeconomic papers 
May 15, Bremen: International workshop on "International Money, Financial Markets and Regulatory Approaches" 

Working group 3: The role of working time arrangements and technological approaches in a full employment strategy


Liêm Hoang-Ngoc, University of Paris 1 
Alfred Kleinknecht, TU Delft 
Jonathan Michie, Birkbeck College, London (coordinator) 
Jörgen Pedersen, TU Denmark 
Erwin Weissel, University of Vienna 

Meetings, conferences, workshops

April 9, 1999, Paris 
November 9, 1998, Lissabon 
October 1-2, 1998, Vienna 
June 30, 1998, London: Regional and technological aspects of unemployment 

Annual meetings of the network

Third annual meeting: Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st, 
                      2000 in Brussels  

Second annual meeting: October 1-3, 1999 in Brussels 
First annual meeting: October 1-4, 1998 in Vienna. The meeting was linked with the Fourth Workshop of the European Economists for an alternative economic policy. 


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